Where do ‘I’ end and ‘others’ begin?

My skin? Your skin? Somewhere in the space between?

It is line.  It is a blur.  It is a story.

Susan Eliza's recent work explores the relationship between objects.  She is looking at how we define objects, and their physical edges. The edge of one figure relates to the curve of another, defining space between them.  Edges can be a pronounced as a line, or blurred into the void.  She uses dolls as models, suggesting that our relationship to objects requires imagination.  As children we imagine life into man-made plastic figures.  As adults, we continue to use our imagination by projecting a story onto objects as well as living beings.  Marketers play on this to create a brand “Barbie”.  If we could remove the story and branding of Barbie from our view, what is left?  Our own story and our own relationship with the object.  For Susan, that is pure form, light and space.  Through the use of overblown lighting, a monochromatic palette and cropped compositions, she creates subtle ambiguity in the figure.  Sensuality is heightened, and life is brought to the inanimate.



Susan Eliza is a creator of images, objects and spaces.  Based in New York City since 2001, she is originally from Texas.  She received a Professional Degree in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin where she learned about space, light, form and materiality.  She practiced modernist and contemporary design before committing fully to visual art in 2010.  Her work is included in numerous private collections, and has been shown at both solo and group exhibitions in New York City, Memphis and Austin.